Twinsburg, Ohio


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​​Civil Court Case:  CV-2017-12-5055 [Taxpayer Petition for Injunction - Old School

Demolition Filed 12-6-2017]


 City Council Members (Sam Scaffide, Brian Steele, Jo-Ann McFearin, Maureen Stauffer, Scott Barr, Bill Furey, and Greg Ballan) are being challenged for violating the City Charter, State Law, and Misappropriating Tax Funds regarding demolition of the Old School on Darrow Road.


                              Channel 5 - Bob Jones Interview


Civil Court Case:  CV-2012-09-5055 [Building Height Changed W/O Vote]

Judgement Issued - Another Victory for 'Peoples Right to Vote' - Thanks to 7A.01 and Sally Gaydosh, Defender of our 'Right to Vote'.


Current Civil Court Case:  CV-2014-02-0892 [Administrative Appeal-'Old School'

Court Case Decisions Found in Favor of Citizens Voter Rights

of City Charter - Case Numbers and Summaries

Case No. CV-2005-03-1931  September 24, 2008: Judge Spicer Ordinance 76-2004 affected a change in the City of Twinsburg's zoning districts, andSection 7A.01 of the City of Twinsburg Charter applies and requires the matter to be submitted to the voters.

Case No. CV-2005-03-1931 January 6, 2006:  Judge Spicer ORDER and NOTICE OF PRETRIAL finds "adopting Twinsburg Township's zoning regulation for the Chamberlin property, Section 7A.01 Charter applies and requires the matter to be submitted to voters.

Case No. CA-21238   April 9, 2004 :  Judge Slaby, Judge Baird Ninth District Court of Appeals.  "Gaydosh is entitled to summary judgement for Writ of Mandamus, that Ordinance 38-2002 purports to zone annexed property as I-2 is invalid" .  Writ of Mandamus satisfied after "City concedes and reestablished Capital Improvement Board".

Case No. CA-21238 July 6, 2004:  Judge Slaby, Judge Baird Ninth District Court of Appeals.  City ordered to pay "reasonable compensation to Gaydosh for legal counsel fees in amount of $13,177.50 assessed against City of Twinsburg".

Case No. CA-21491 APPEAL October 31, 2003:  Donna Carr, Whitemore, J, Batchelder J. CASE No. CV-01-10-4962  involves a dispute over City enforcing two zoning codes at issue in Ordinance 68-2000 Court Finds UDC was not properly enacted.

Case No. CV-2001-10-4962  March 6, 2003: Judge Williams Order this case finds UDC was not properly  passed according to City Charter requirements.

Case No. 96-04-148/CV -04-1678  December 16, 1996:  Judge Murphy The defendents, pursuant to their own Charter, have reserved to the electorate the power to regulate the density of housing within zoning districts Section 7A.01 procedure which have been held by the United States Supreme Court to be valid.

Case No. 5:06-CV-00698-DDD  Finch Deposition in Matchouse Vs. City of Twinsburg Lawsuit.  Federal Judge Davd D. Dowd, Jr. Rules against city  "City violates Ohio Law and Twinsburg's Charter by imposing zoning restrictions without having first put the restrictions to a vote of the people. 

CV = Civil Court     CA-Court of Appeals