Twinsburg, Ohio

Court Judgement

For 7A.01 - People's Right to Vote WINS Again!

Twinsburg Law Director, Economic Development Director, and City Council lose on Ordinance 97-2012 'Height of buildings' - Gaydosh and the People win judgement to VOTE because of Charter 7A.01!  See Court Cases for full Court Judgement.  

Thank you Sally Gaydosh & Warner Mendenhall for standing up for the voters of Twinsburg again!

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Former President Ronald Reagan speaks up regarding 'We the People' and what our government is all about - Press Here for Video

Sally Gaydosh - Statutory Agent

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The following web site has been compiled to provide the citizens of the City of Twinsburg with important information regarding the U.S. Constitution, Ohio Constitution,  'City Charter', Codified Ordinances, Zoning & Planning, Community Environment, Women's Rights, and other legislative or general public issue(s) impacting the public health, safety, and welfare of our community and its residents.  Every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date, however, no assumption for its accuracy in errors or omissions is herein made.  The information contained in this web site is merely informational and not intended as legal advice.  The Active Citizens of Twinsburg is simply an organization dedicated to educating and informing the citizens of Twinsburg about any issue(s) of public interest in our community.

As your representatives in the Active Citizens of Twinsburg, We  fight daily to protect our right to vote, our right to be heard, and keep a keen eye on our local elected representatives.  Our City Charter and the Ohio Constitution have been dear to all our hearts for over 60 years.